F Project, Kyoto (2020)

A restoration/addition to a nearly 100-year-old house originally designed by the renowned Kansai area architect Fujii Kouji, who is most well-known for his Chochiku-Kyo, in Oyamazaki, Kyoto. Western and Japanese technologies and life-style design tastes were thoroughly integrated by Fujii in the original design and these techniques were built upon and enhanced with today’s modern amenities/techniques.
His original concept of using all-natural materials was maintained as in all projects by Design 1st- we strive to use only all-natural materials like all-rush tatami, solid wood materials, etc. whenever possible. The fusion of Western (International Style) design was once again enhanced by using references to Mondrian, as well as Danish furniture and Japanese design (Sukiya architecture) with the help of the renowned Nakamura Sotoji Construction.

Designed in cooperation with TOMURO Atelier.

All photos of this project by Toshiharu Kitajima. (北嶋俊治)