Genji Kyoto源氏京都, (2022)

A 19-room luxury boutique hotel opened in April 2022, based upon the world’s first novel, The Tale of Genji. The concept of the Hotel could best be described as one striving for a true Japanese experience through the use of all-natural materials and spatial techniques, such as thoroughly integrating interior and exterior spaces. Techniques like these have been expressed in Japanese architecture through the centuries since the Heian period, the era in which the Tale of Genji is set. The hotel's design was to keep the original proportions of the machiya (町家) that previously occupied the site.

F Project, Kyoto (2020)

A restoration/addition to a nearly 100-year-old house originally designed by the renowned Kansai area architect Fujii Kouji, who is most well-known for his Chochiku-Kyo, in Oyamazaki, Kyoto. Western and Japanese technologies and life-style design tastes were thoroughly integrated by Fujii in the original design and these techniques were built upon and enhanced with today’s modern amenities/techniques.

Fugu Project, Kyoto (2018)

A renovation of an 80-year-old Machiya that contained a Fugu restaurant in the center of Gion. The Machiya was renovated into a residence that combines the best of both Japanese culture and western amenities, using only all-natural materials. The client was a couple from the US, who enjoys the Japanese lifestyle, but stressed that they spent most of their time in the kitchen, gathering with friends.