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Geoffrey P. Moussas of Design 1st is a New York-born, MIT-trained and Kyoto-based architect who has lived in Japan since 1994. His work has been featured in the Financial Times, Casa Brutus and on CNN and NHK among countless others. He has restored and redesigned around 40 traditional Japanese structures including machiya townhouses, restaurants, tearooms and kura (storehouses). He also has restored 2 temples, including a 400-year-old Buddhist temple in Aichi Prefecture of Japan, with the addition of a modern ossuary, as well as new-built houses and his latest project is a new-built hotel. He has and continues to teach architectural design in Japanese throughout Japan, including at Kyoto University, Waseda University, Kansai University, among others. His work has been exhibited in Kiyomizu temple, as well as in Nijo-jo castle and in 2008 published Engawa no Shisou-The Philosophy of the Veranda.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Master of Architecture (MArch)
Kyoto University, Department of Architecture, Visiting Lecturer
Kansai University, Department of Architecture, Visiting Lecturer
MIT/Waseda University Workshop, Assistant Instructor


Established Design 1st
Nakamura Satouji Construction – Designer – Site Supervision
Rockefeller Residence Teahouse, Tarrytown, New York – Site Supervision
Philidelphia Pine Breeze Villa, Philidelphia – Site Supervision
Arakawa Residence, Kyoto – Piano room addition

Yoshio Taniguchi Architectural Workshop – Designer
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York – Competition (1st Prize)
IBM Japan Technical Center, Makuhari – Phase 2 (Schematic design)

Maki & Associates, Tokyo – Designer
Fumihiko Maki Selected Buildings and Projects – Editor
Hillside West – Schematic Design
Kitanaka Redevelopment, Yokohama – Schematic Design
Alameda Development, Mexico City – Schematic Design

Takanaka Corporation, Osaka – Intern

Selected Media Exposure (Partial list)

2012 Nov
Asahi Satellite TV, Eco Etiquette “The Veranda”

2011 May 26
TV Osaka, Japanese Origins, TV Osaka

2010 Oct
Asahi Satellite TV, Eco Etiquette, “Machiya Splendor”

2008 Nov 1
Pen magazine, “Fusion of Architectural Culture and the Modern Townhouse”

2008 Oct 15
Newsweek Japan, “Modernization of Machiya Culture”, pg. 54

2008 April
The Philosophy of the Veranda, Shodensha, 2008

2007 July
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Before / After – Kyoto Machiya – 2 Hour Special, ABC TV

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2003 May
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Before / After – Edo Period Warehouse renovation – ABC TV

1999 Oct
Sun Magazine, Heibonsha pp. 45-47

Selected Works

Daichi-in Temple, Chita City – Addition of Ossuary for 300 people. (Phase II)

Miyabi Guesthouse, Kyoto – Machiya guesthouse renovation.
Time Frame Renovation, SF CA. –Renovation of rare glasses shop on Valencia St.
Daichi-in Temple, Chita City – Renovation of 400 yr old traditional section (Phase I)

Rockefeller Residence, Tarrytown, NY – Repair of a 100 yr old teahouse

Kappo Bar Doi, Gion, Kyoto – Renovation of a restaurant in Gion

Hawes Residence, San Francisco, CA – Renovation
Elhart Residence, Pasadena – Renovation

Kisshoji Temple, Tsushima – New Construction – Lodging (Phase II)
Touzando, Kyoto – Japanese Sword Shop – Renovation
Calvin Residence, South Pasadena – Renovation

Gion Guesthouse, Kyoto – Machiya guesthouse renovation
Aoyama Residence, Kyoto Renovation

Sahaya Illam Guesthouse, Andimadam, India, new construction
Kisshoji Temple, Tsushima – Renovation of 200 yr old section (Phase I)
Holmes Residence, South Pasadena – Renovation of Historic California Bungalow

Hata Residences, Kyoto – Machiya Renovations (4 Locations, 3 Televised).
Toki Residence, Kyoto, private residence, new construction
Oshima Residence, Kanazawa – Renovation

Kakizaka Warehouse Renovation,Yoshino – Conversion to Café
Imai Guesthouse, Kawanishi – Thatched roof house renovation
Sato Residence, Toyko – Renovation

Hibino Residence, Kyoto – townhouse renovation
Ueda Gallery, Mukou – Edo Period Warehouse renovation

Agu Residence – Gion machiya renovation